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Family of Tom and Dianna Snyder

Welcome to the internet home of

Tom E. Snyder family

As For Me And My House We Will Serve The Lord-Joshua 24:15

The Kids: (back, L to R) daughter, Stephanie; daughter, Linda, with husband, James Murphy;
(front, L to R) Stephanie's husband, Matt Nichols; granddaughter, Hayley Murphy; son, Andrew.

Tom's retirement adventures: Tom E. Snyder—the Final Lap

Our church: reproducible.church

Our genealogical stuff:

(John Richard Shuff now has his own website. The parts in RED can be found there.)

  • THE LEGACY OF JOHN RICHARD SHUFF - Fourth Edition (3 vol.)
    (Dianna's great-grandfather - a pioneer Church of Christ minister)
    • Vol. 1 - The Letters (plus biographical sketches)—(in PDF format)
    • Vol. 2 - The Lineage (Revised & Improved 2/4/06)
      • The Ancestors of John Richard Shuff
      • The Ancestors of Elizabeth Ann Artt
      • The Descendants of John Richard Shuff
    • Vol. 3 - The Leftovers—(in PDF format)
    • The Family Portrait
  • The Ancestors of Tom E. & Dianna L. Snyder (New & Improved 4 Feb 2006)
Photo of Tom & Dianna Snyder

DISCLAIMER: We do genealogy for fun.
We do not guarantee the accuracy of any of our data.
We have gathered it from many sources and have
documented very little of it.-tes

If you are interested in the descendants of any
of these ancestors, contact us.

Last modified: December 11, 2014
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